Curly Hair Care Bootcamp Full Course

Tired of hair that is constantly breaking and won't grow? Want to learn about the science of hair care to help yourself, your clients or your patients or clients?

This bootcamp by board-certified dermatologist and hair care expert, Dr. Crystal Aguh, gives you all the tools to develop a healthy hair routine to help you unlock the hair of your dreams!

You would be surprised to see what a healthy hair regimen can do!

This patient received medical treatment for years before seeing Dr. Aguh who diagnosed her with haircare related hair loss, a condition termed Acquired Trichorrhexis Nodosa. After 4 months on a healthy hair regimen she had nearly complete reversal of hair loss, no medicines required!


Spending hundreds of dollars on stylist appointments, extensions and wigs because you're not sure where to start? Start here!

This complete course consists of six modules:

  • Introduction to the Curly Hair Care Bootcamp
  • Understanding Curly Hair: The Basics
  • Hairstyling Practices: Let’s Talk Extensions, Natural & Relaxed Hair—Is one option best?
  • When Hairstyling Goes Wrong-Alopecia Types Common in Curly Girls And How to Fix Them
  • Getting Back on Track: How to Build a Healthy Hair Care Routine
  • Supplements and Oils-Which Work? Which Don’t?

In this single course you will learn:

  • Detailed breakdown of the science of hair care
  • Individualized hair care routines based on your curl pattern and hair density
  • Recommendations on the best (and worst) styling practices for your hair type
  • Product recommendations
  • Discussion of hair supplements that ACTUALLY help with your hair
  • Interactive worksheets to help reinforce what you've learned
  • Post course quiz

After completing this course you will gain:

  • A better understanding of your curly hair needs
  • The ability to choose products that will complement your hair (no more wasting money on hair products you use once and never use again)
  • Confidence taking care of your own hair (money saved)
  • Gain confidence working with your stylist to determine the best treatments for your hair

Convinced? Enroll in the full course now!