You would be surprised what a healthy hair regimen can do!

This patient received medical treatment for years before seeing Dr. Aguh who diagnosed her with haircare related hair loss, a condition termed Acquired Trichorrhexis Nodosa. After four months on a healthy hair regimen she had nearly complete reversal of hair loss, no medicines required!

Are you ready to start your healthy hair journey?

This complete course consists of six modules:

  1. Introduction to the Curly Hair Care Bootcamp that will give you an overview of the entire course
  2. Understanding Curly Hair: The Basics
  3. Hairstyling Practices: Let’s Talk Extensions, Natural & Relaxed Hair—Is one option best?
  4. When Hairstyling Goes Wrong-Alopecia Types Common in Curly Girls And How to Fix Them
  5. Getting Back on Track- How to Build a Healthy Hair Care Routine
  6. Supplements and Oils-Which Work? Which Don’t?

After completing this course you will gain:

  • A better understanding of your curly hair needs.
  • The ability to choose products that will complement your hair.
  • Gaining confidence in taking care of your own hair and with your stylist to determine the best treatments.